Webinar plans to help travel firms cure staffing headaches this summer

C&M Travel Recruitment is to host a webinar on how travel firms can manage staffing headaches during major sporting events and school holidays this summer with hybrid workforces.

The free, live webinar will feature a panel of recruitment, legal and HR experts to discuss topical issues relating to staff absenteeism and answer any questions. It takes place at 11am on July 2.

C&M Travel Recruitment managing director Barbara Kolosinska, Travlaw partner and head of employment law Ami Naru and HR and talent professional Claire Steiner, from The Global Travel & Tourism Partnership, will be on the panel for the travel recruitment firm’s latest webinar to help companies and employees in the travel industry.

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Topics due to be covered include how companies can juggle absenteeism, maternity leave and staff holidays during busy periods as well as how to manage homeworking employees alongside distractions such as Uefa Euro 24, the Wimbledon tennis tournament and the Olympics.

This will include what policies firms should have in place regarding staff calling in sick following big sporting events and views on showing sports such as football games on large TV screens in the workplace.

Other topics set to be discussed include what policies travel firms should have in place on authorising holidays, such as ‘first come, first served’, and how to cope with increased childcare demands from employees.

Also under the spotlight will be unpaid parental leave entitlement and the implications this could have, particularly for smaller businesses, and long-term sick leave.

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