Valentine’s Day flower season begins at Quito Airport

The Valentine’s Day cargo season for fresh flowers begins at Quito Airport today and will last until just before the big day.

The airport is one of the world’s biggest handlers of fresh flowers, regularly processing in excess of 20,000 tonnes of flowers in the 23 days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

With its extensive and cutting-edge cargo infrastructure, and increased capacity offered by more than 15 cargo airlines, the airport is confident that this year’s exported tonnage volumes for the season will exceed last year.

“We maintain our commitment to the development of the air cargo industry in Ecuador,” noted Ramón Miró, president and CEO of airport operator, Quiport.

“The expansions carried out and the strategic collaboration with palletising companies are testimony of our dedication to facilitate airport cargo services in Mariscal Sucre.

“We are excited by the projected growth and we are confident that our airport will continue to play a fundamental role in this area.”

Four palletising companies are in charge of assembling the pallets of flower boxes at the international cargo terminal.

These pallets are stored in cold rooms until they must be shipped to their destinations. In addition, the Mariscal Sucre airport has a logistics centre where several cargo agencies carry out the consolidation processes of flowers from various producing farms.

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