UK leads way in Florida visits for Q1

The UK has topped the list of overseas visitor numbers to Florida in the first quarter of 2022.

More than 157,000 Britons visited Florida in the first three months of this year, restoring the country’s position as the state’s number one overseas market.

The UK dropped to Florida’s eighth highest overseas market in 2021, which saw 139,000 Britons visit in the whole year – a 23% drop from 2020 and a 90% drop from 2019.

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The huge decline in 2021 was unsurprising as most Brits were banned from entering the US until November.

However, the visitor numbers are now starting to bounce back as UK tourists return to Florida following the relaxation of Covid restrictions.

But despite this year’s rise, visitor numbers are still 30% lower than they were for the same period in 2019.

Dana Young, president and chief executive of Visit Florida, is “thrilled” to see the return of UK travellers, and hopes numbers will continue to rise.

She said: “The UK is leading the way in visits for this year, and we are thrilled to welcome you back.”

Young made her comments during an away day to the Isle of Wight for trade partners, including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Visit Central Florida.

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