Tunisia to extend tourist tax to package holidaymakers

Travellers on a package holiday to Tunisia must pay a new tourist tax of up to £30 from November 1, with the amount depending on the star rating of the property in which they are staying.

The charge is applied for up to 10 nights to visitors aged 12 or more and must be paid at the hotel reception.

The tax starts at four dinars (£1) per night for a two-star property, eight dinars (£2) per night for a three-star hotel and 12 dinars (£3) per night for four and five-star properties.

The tax is already being levied on visitors are not on package holidays and will apply to all holidaymakers from November 1. It was introduced at the start of 2024.

The new tax replaces Tunisia’s hotel tax which applies for the first seven nights of a holiday.

The hotel tax will still apply to visitors on package holidays until November 1.

That is currently two dinars per night for guests in a three-star property and four dinars for guests staying in a four or five-star property.

A statement from the Tunisian National Tourist Office said the aim of this new tourist tax is “to require foreign visitors to cover for their fair share when consuming or using subsidised products and services in Tunisia”.

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