Tui to promote Antalya as year-round destination for Britons

Tui will offer holidays to UK tourists this winter in the Turkish region of Antalya to cater for growing demand.

Tui Deutschland customers can book holidays in Antalya all year round – and now the range is being expanded to British guests as capacity for the winter season 2023-24 will be increased by 30%.

The German holiday giant said Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Tui guests from all markets and it took 1.9 million people to the country in 2022.

Sebastian Ebel, chief executive of Tui Group: “The demand for holidays goes far beyond the classic summer travel season. Customers want a high degree of flexibility.

“In addition to the classic trips in high summer, there are an increasing number of customers who spend the winter in the south or travel to the holiday regions for sports and cultural activities in spring and autumn.

“Many regions have prepared well for the longer season and are launching joint initiatives with Tui.”

Tui said its integrated business model and its own aircraft and hotels means it can react “swiftly” to changes in demand and make holiday offers possible all year round.

It said in a statement: “It is a win-win-win situation for everyone: Tui guests have even more choice and even more flexibility in planning their holiday trip, they benefit from offers at different times of the season; the longer season pays off for the destinations’ tourism strategy and Tui can utilise its aircraft and hotels longer and more efficiently.”

Ebel added: “Mediterranean destinations are among the top destinations for summer holidays. This will also be the case in the future.

“But we see clear potential for additional offers throughout the year. The season is getting longer. This creates additional opportunities for the destinations and for Tui.”

From Germany, Tui already offers year-round options to Palma de Mallorca, Faro and Jerez in addition to Turkey.

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