Travel Matters celebrates achieving B Corp certification

Travel Matters says it has achieved B Corp certification after answering 226 questions about its social and environmental standards.

Agency staff celebrated the accolade at the business’s office in southwest London on May 2, with local resident and BBC journalist Stephen Sackur attending to offer his congratulations.

Matt Hollings, business development manager at Travel Matters, said: “Meaningful accreditation has never been more important, especially within an industry exposed to so many potential worrying factors.”

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More than 6,000 organisations across the world have gained B Corp status, which is awarded by non-profit body B Lab after considering all areas of a business.

As part of the application, a company must give evidence of socially and environmentally responsible practices on energy supplies, waste and water use, worker compensation and diversity and corporate transparency.

Travel Matters, founded by Karen Simmonds in 1999, said it answered 226 questions as part of the auditing process.

The agency’s Make Travel Matter Campaign highlights sustainable ways of travel.

Hollings said: “Responsible tourism policies are observed through continuous and progressive efforts made within the travel sector, which can be incorporated into any business’s CSR and ESG vision.

“Luxury leaders have been demonstrating this approach for some time now, but it’s the smaller and independent businesses that can make a real impact in their communities.”

Photo: Catherine Gallagher, Monika Markowska, Dee Gibson, Stephen Sackur, Karen Simmonds and Elisa Spampinato

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