Travel firms told AI can help ‘maximise profits’

Google experts have urged travel firms to embrace generative AI as a way to boost efficiency and “maximise profits”.

Amelie Matuschka and Ajesh Patel, travel industry managers at the technology giant, told delegates at Lata Expo that using AI was “like driving when every traffic light turns green”.

“It’s a really exciting time to be in the travel industry,” said Matuschka, adding: “We need to see [AI] as an opportunity and not a threat. Technology simply provides new ways to inspire.”

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The pair highlighted the ability of Google’s Gemini to act as a travel planner, meaning it produces personalised itineraries based on submitted information.

“AI is not like switching from a slow car to a fast car. AI is like driving on a day when every light turns green,” said Patel.

He said the benefits that AI can bring to travel businesses include increased marketing efficiency, enhanced customer experience and the maximising of operational productivity.

“You can use AI to drive targeted, profitable growth,” he added.

Among the ways of boosting efficiency could be making chatbots a customer’s first point of contact with a travel firm, Patel said.

Matuschka described AI as “the most profound technology that humanity is working on today”.

She encouraged companies to “embrace the opportunities from the start”, adding: “Let’s create unforgettable travel experiences together.”

Picture credit: SLB Photography Ltd

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