Travel Counsellors sales 30% ahead of pre-pandemic level

Travel Counsellors is currently seeing sales 30% higher than before the pandemic and said its technology is “key” to the company’s success.

The homeworking agency is investing a record amount of £7 million in its technology platform over the course of a year to help its agents share their expertise with each other.

As well as enabling agents to share knowledge with each other digitally, the investment in technology is enabling them to build “lasting relationships with customers and each other” as demand recovers.

The company currently has 150 Gold TCs – its top-selling franchisees – 30 of whom have achieved this status this financial year.

In March, more than 200 Travel Counsellors recorded their biggest ever sales month – with the top 20 amassing £6 million in sales.

The top three made more than £700,000 worth of bookings each, with UK leisure sales increasing 50% and corporate sales up 20% on 2019.

A digital Knowledge Base provides 24/7 access to content generated and updated by the TC community to help travel counsellors run their business and find specialists in certain products and destinations.

The technology platform also enables travel counsellors to work in twos or threes.

Sue Plummer has been a Gold Travel Counsellor for 18 years and commented: “Being a travel counsellor is like being part of a family. We are a community that has emerged from the pandemic stronger than ever before.

“This can be demonstrated not only through the value and volume of record bookings for the past three months but is also evident in how we work together for the greater good of each of us.”

Jim Eastwood, global sales director at Travel Counsellors, added: “We continue to enhance our platform to accommodate the ambitions of our entrepreneurial-minded travel counsellors.”

As well as the in-house booking platform Phenix, Travel Counsellors offers other digital tools including an integrated digital customer portal called myTC.

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