The Cruise Room makes Reuben’s Retreat first charity partner

The Cruise Room has announced Reuben’s Retreat as its first charity partner.

For every Celebrity Cruises stateroom or suite booked through the agency in 2024, including any already booked this year, The Cruise Room will donate £10 to Reuben’s Retreat, which was set up on August 13, 2012, by former travel industry worker Nicola Graham, two days after the death of her toddler Reuben.

The money will be used support bereaved families or those who have a child living with medical complications.

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Additionally, agency staff will volunteer at the retreat in Glossop and share information on the charity during the year.

In a Facebook post, The Cruise Room director Robbie O’Grady said: “We’re so happy to announce this. A huge thank you to all at Reuben’s Retreat for trusting us with this.

“When we started planning The Cruise Room, we were adamant that we would always try and find ways to gibe back to local communities and charities wherever we could.

“Fast forward to 2024 and we’re beyond proud to share that Reuben’s Retreat will be our charity partner.”

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