Skift Webinar: How AI Can Improve the Airline Customer Experience

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In a recent webinar, FLYR Labs and Avianca joined Skift to discuss how airline business models are evolving to keep pace with traveler expectations. With pressure to adapt to today’s real-world challenges, AI is enabling a step change in airline commercial performance and customer experience.

AI is everywhere in 2023 — including in a growing number of products and solutions for airlines. But for all the possibilities attributed to AI, it’s not always easy for executives and other decision-makers to understand what they should be deploying, how it affects their current systems and processes, and how it will ultimately affect customers and benefit the bottom line.

In a recent webinar, FLYR Labs and Avianca joined Skift to explore how airlines can use AI to scale data intake and analysis to create a better retailing ecosystem that can offer end-to-end, personalized service for their passengers.

In this webinar:

  • The “connected trip” is within reach. In addition to personalizing any individual traveler’s trip, by taking a customer-centric approach, airlines can create a view of the “connected customer” and know their level of satisfaction, how important and necessary the product is to each customer, and how each interaction can help improve the overall passenger experience.
  • Be willing to give up legacy technology and processes. Systems built decades ago can’t handle the scale and complexity of modern travel operations. They are often siloed, which can result in fragmented customer data and limited insights into customer behavior, and they may be not agile enough to adapt to changing market conditions, resulting in inefficiencies and missed opportunities. 
  • Become a world-class retailer. Airlines have an opportunity to take center stage and lead the travel industry’s digital transformation. They occupy a unique position in the customer’s journey, with direct access to customers from the moment they start planning their trip; they have strong brand awareness, which can be leveraged to promote and sell additional travel-related products and services; and they have significant financial resources to invest in technology and infrastructure to support their digital retail efforts.
  • Transform organizations through AI. Automation and AI will not only help airlines streamline processes and reduce costs, but also increase total customer revenue and satisfaction. Knowing which data or inputs to use and how to use them is key. With this knowledge, AI can do the rest.

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This content was created collaboratively by FLYR and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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