Skift Aviation Forum Video: Why Leading Airlines Are Focused on Data

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In this video from Skift Aviation Forum 2023, we hear from Massimo Morin, global head of travel for AWS, and Alex Zoghlin, president and CEO of ATPCO, about the importance of modernizing airlines’ legacy systems and utilizing data for business transformation.

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In this video:

  • Moving beyond legacy systems: The 2023 Digital Transformation Report from Skift and AWS found that 60 percent of executives at airlines and airports are prioritizing maintenance and upkeep on legacy systems as their top investment focus for 2023 and 2024. Evolving customer expectations and the need to stay competitive are driving the urgency to address these outdated technologies.
  • Utilizing data: The increasing volume of data is becoming a key driver for decision-making. Collaboration and transparency, facilitated by data sharing, are crucial for maintaining the industry’s ability to serve customer needs.
  • Managing scale: Data-driven decisions, like dynamic pricing, optimizing flight paths for fuel efficiency, and creating a better retailing experience are reshaping the way airlines operate. The key lies not just in adopting new technology but in effectively utilizing data to meet customer demands and adapt to market conditions.

Travel and hospitality companies are reimagining the concept of “digital transformation,” recognizing now that it’s not a project to be completed or a list of boxes to check. Rather, it’s a journey to constantly transform or otherwise become obsolete. The airline industry is still using yesterday’s processes to implement tomorrow’s solutions, which is not in step with how technology is moving.

In this Skift Aviation Forum panel discussion, Massimo Morin, global head of travel for AWS, and Alex Zoghlin, president and CEO of ATPCO, spoke with Dan Marcec, research editor, SkiftX, about the role data will play in modernizing technology in the aviation industry, ultimately creating more efficient operations and serving up a better customer experience.

The 2023 Digital Transformation Report explores these themes and more as travel and hospitality companies undertake significant efforts to provide a modern customer experience.


This content was created collaboratively by AWS for Travel and Hospitality and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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