Skiathos starts storm damage recovery as flights resume

Skiathos has started the process of recovery from flash floods and storm damage as inbound flights resumed.

Holidays to Skiathos were cancelled amid flight disruption as a severe storm bringing heavy rainfall and lightning swept the Greek island earlier this week.

The island’s hoteliers’ association president, Panos Andritsopoulos, said: “Skiathos went through a very difficult day yesterday (September 5) with a curfew issued by police forbidding any unnecessary movement and travel to ensure the safety of everyone on the island.

“All damage caused from the flooding across the island is being dealt with as of today and with the weather conditions having improved, incoming flights have resumed and landings have already started.

“A number of hotels across the island have had to deal with various issues from the flooding but our priority is that everyone is safe and all guests are being treated with warm Greek hospitality.

“The island has suffered but is operational and is welcoming all guests.”

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Konstantinos Santikos, managing director of Santikos Collection, added: “The extreme weather that has hit the island of Skiathos in the last 24 hours has certainly tested our resilience and capabilities.

“Ensuring the safety of everyone on the island has been the utmost priority and work has started in earnest to ensure that flights can resume as quickly as possible with priority on repatriation flights and supporting those whose accommodation has been affected.”

The Aegean Suites adults-only hotel, set on a hillside outside Skiathos Town, suffered some minor flooding in a small number of rooms.

This has been rectified and the property is up and running with water and electricity with all guests and staff safe and well, Santikos added.

The beach at the Princess Resort at Agia Paraskevi bay suffered some damage from the severe flooding.

The property is running on generators until the main electricity supply can be restored which is expected to happen in the next 24 hours.

“The property is very much operational, with rooms thankfully being unaffected and the kitchens are up and running ensuring our guests are safe and fed, Santikos said.

“Works are currently underway to rectify the affected grounds and it will be business as usual with everything being restored within the next 48 hours.”

Pictured: Princess Resort, Skiathos

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