Shortcomings of carbon offsetting ‘hinder take-up’

Consumers remain unconvinced about voluntary carbon offsets, with aviation figures admitting they don’t reduce emissions.

Skyscanner chief product officer Piero Sierra noted “it’s difficult” to engage consumers on offsetting, saying: “We get higher numbers offsetting than we expected at about 5%. But there is a big gap between customers’ ethics and their actions.

“The stumbling-blocks are price and the efficacy of the solutions. It risks sounding like greenwashing.”

IAG head of sustainability Jonathon Counsell told the Capa summit: “There is no harmonised approach [to carbon calculations] and that undermines confidence.”

However, he noted Iata is poised to launch a carbon calculator, and also held out hope that global carbon offset scheme Corsia could make a difference.
But he insisted: “We won’t solve climate change by offering voluntary carbon offsets.”

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