Premier Travel’s newest branch ‘exceeding expectations’

Premier Travel’s first shop to feature all-digital window displays is already ‘exceeding expectations’ just over a month after it opened.

The East Anglia-based travel agency opened its 26th branch in Letchworth in the former Thomas Cook premises in the Garden Square Shopping Centre in July.

The agency said other branches had successfully begun to feature digital displays but the Letchworth branch represented a ‘milestone’ as it is the first to have all digital displays in the shop window.

Managing director Paul Waters said sales so far indicated the shop would perform well but stressed its success extended beyond the new-look and was testament to the expertise and hard work of the branch team.

“Bookings have already exceeded expectations, and we are all very confident that this will be another extremely successful branch for us,” he said, adding: “We are delighted with how our new-look branch has turned out and even more pleasing that this is our first branch to have all digital displays in its windows.

“We have seen the benefits of using digital screens in all of our other branches and wanted to make the next step with Letchworth.”

Waters said the branch had been well received by staff and customers, adding: “I’m really delighted with everyone’s hard work and achievements in opening this new branch; it looks amazing, and customer feedback has already been so positive.”

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