Pakistan specialist travel agency to launch national radio campaign

A travel agency which specialises in trips to Pakistan is launching a national radio campaign to promote the destination.

Xperience Pakistan founder Saadia Baber believes it is the first-ever radio campaign to promote the country as a holiday destination, as opposed to advertising specific air fares to the country.

The agency, which specialises in socially responsible and authentic luxury travel to Pakistan and describes itself as a concierge for the conscious traveller, is launching the ad campaign with Global on September 15.

The promotion will be live for eight weeks and play across national digital stations including LBC and Classic FM.  It will run until November to tie with in with The Luxury Travel Show 2023 in London, where Baber will be a speaker.

The campaign aims to reach more than 200,000 adventure travellers in the over 45 age group.

Baber, whose agency donates £25 for every booking to local community projects in Pakistan, said: “The focus of the campaign is to introduce the off-the-beaten-track elements of Pakistan which are often overlooked.”

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