OTT hails ‘new era of online learning’ as AI drives creation of courses

Online Travel Training (OTT) says it is “ushering in a new era of online learning” with the use of artificial intelligence to help create courses over the past year.

The training provider said AI ensures that the courses maintain the “unique voice” of each partner and mark a “significant” advance in online learning.

The OTT platform uses AI to streamline the development of courses – with experienced production staff at the company overseeing the process to ensure quality.

Julia Feuell, chief executive at OTT, said: “At OTT, we recognise the importance of authenticity.

“Our AI-driven approach, coupled with the oversight of our production staff, enables us to deliver engaging content while staying true to our partners’ voices.”

OTT’s AI technology analyses and replicates partners’ linguistic nuances, tailoring content to resonate with their audiences.

“By combining AI with our commitment to authenticity, we create courses that resonate deeply with learners,” added Feuell.

“This approach fosters stronger connections between our partners and their audiences.”

She said the AI-driven course creation over the past 12 months, with advanced algorithms and natural language processing, means that OTT is “ushering in a new era of online learning, where authenticity and quality intersect”.

Picture: Shutterstock/TippaPatt

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