Not Just Travel outlines cruise sales growth projections

Not Just Travel expects cruises to make up a third of total sales over the next year.

The projection came as the company issued an update on sales at an event for 200 consultants and partners in Birmingham.

Co-founder Steve Witt said: “In the next 12 months we expect a third of all our sales to be cruise. 

“This isn’t switching customers to cruise but bringing in a brand new market of affluent clients to complement our existing customer base.”

The commitment follows the introduction of a dedicated cruise division and expanded website, with specialist training for agents as the franchise agency group sets its sights on what it sees as a lucrative sector.

The company also released details of a new financial planning tool, allowing agents to monitor sales, cash flow and targets to help them budget, forecast and plan. The new feature is provided to consultants at no additional cost.

Other initiatives include more overseas trips, the group’s next seminar at sea, an event in Jamaica and a new charity partnership.

Additional plans are to be unveiled at the company’s annual conference on January 6-7.

Witt added: “Q4 is going to be phenomenal. Where other companies are expecting the next three months to be slow, we are gearing up for an incredibly busy quarter – followed by our biggest peaks ever.”

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