New research shows popularity of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

New research by PortsToronto shows that Torontonians’ have an overwhelmingly positive opinion of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

According to the 2024 survey, conducted among more than 2,000 Toronto residents aged 18 years and older with an oversample of those living along Toronto’s Waterfront, 78% of respondents characterise their opinion of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport as favourable.

Further, satisfaction by those who use the airport has reached an all-time high of 98%.

The survey, conducted by Viewpoints Research, included weighting to ensure responses reflect the actual distribution of the population by age, gender, and region using Statistics Canada Census 2021 data.

Results are consistent with past surveys commissioned by PortsToronto that have been undertaken every two years, with the last survey taking place in 2022.

Key findings of the 2024 survey include:

• 77% of respondents agree that Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is a valuable asset for Toronto and is an important gateway that supports business and tourism;

• 78% of respondents agree that it makes sense for Toronto to have an airport downtown;

• 72% of respondents agree that Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is a good use of land;

• 85% of respondents agree that Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport’s environmental sustainability initiatives are important;

• Nearly 80% of respondents support the addition of new destinations from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport across Canada and the United States; and,

• 68% of passengers travel through the airport for leisure; 24% for business; and 6% combine their business and leisure travel.

Only 2% of those surveyed had a negative opinion of the airport, citing reasons such as lack of direct public transit options, fewer destinations serviced than other airports, and noise.

Looking to the future, 83% of respondents agree that the airport’s governing agreement should be updated so that Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport can continue to provide the connectivity upon which Torontonians depend.

The airport is owned and operated by PortsToronto, whose president and CEO, RJ Steenstra, admitted that the results of the research came as no surprise to him.

“By virtue of its location in the heart of Canada’s largest city, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport offers a level of convenience and efficiency for travellers that is truly unique, and in so doing, provides innumerable benefits including connectivity, convenience, access to healthcare and support for the economy by enabling tourism and trade,” he enthused.

“This survey confirms the data we’ve collected from previous surveys and the feedback we hear regularly confirming that the vast majority of Torontonians love their downtown airport, and they see its continued operation as a vital part of the city’s bright future.”

While Neil Pakey, president and CEO of Nieuport Aviation – owner and operator of the passenger terminal at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport – noted: “Recognition of the important role that the airport plays for the city, our community, and visitors is high among residents.

“Moreover, of those respondents who use Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, 98% rate their experience as positive – a strong indication that we’re providing passengers with the stellar travel experience they want and deserve.”

Offering service to more than 20 cities in Canada and the US, with connection opportunities to more than 100 international destinations via our airlines’ networks, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is an important international gateway that will offer US Preclearance in 2025.

The airport is a key driver to Toronto’s economy, generating more than $2.1 billion in total economic output and supporting 4,450 jobs, including 2,080 directly associated with the airport’s operations.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport has served its community for 85 years from its iconic location on the Toronto waterfront, where it facilitates healthcare for Ontarians by providing a base for medevac services connected to local hospitals.

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