MyBookingRewards agents log £45m of bookings in March

MyBookingRewards, a global online platform for travel agent rewards, training and marketing, said its agent members logged £45 million worth of bookings in March.

About 65,000 agents from the US, Canada, Europe and Latin America logged bookings during March – 8,200 of them from the UK.

Out of the £45 million of booking value logged, about £23 million was from UK agents.

This compared with £18 million in February and £20 million in January.

The latest figures for April show that UK agents logged £13 million in booking value on the site.

In early 2020, before the pandemic hit bookings, almost 3,000 bookings were logged during January and 2,200 during February.

For 2022, there were 3,100 bookings logged in January and 2,750 in February.

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Darren Pearson, chief executive of MyBookingRewards, said: “Bookings are being logged thick and fast on the platform.

“With over 500 hotels on the site offering cash incentives, we passed on £40,000 worth of rewards from suppliers to agents across the UK, Europe, North and South America just during the month of March.

“Frontline and call centre staff are welcome to join MyBookingRewards and earn their deserved rewards.

“Just by logging a booking once the agent can also automatically earn from multiple reward programmes.”

As well as the surge in demand from consumers, the platform has seen an influx of new agents, helping to boost the numbers of bookings being logged.

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