Loganair brings forward check-in time to ensure flight punctuality

Loganair passengers are being advised to check in ten minutes earlier this winter to support flight punctuality.

Passengers will be required to check in at least 40 minutes prior to departure compared with the previous final check in time of 30 minutes. 

Bag drop will also close 40 minutes prior to departure. Travellers can also use the airline’s online check in service up to four days in advance.

The change coincides with a fleet upgrade with larger aircraft carrying an increased number of passengers.

The regional airline’s ATR42-600 next generation aircraft have fully replaced smaller Saab 340s at Glasgow airport.

Last check in and bag drop at London airports remains 45 minutes prior to departure.

Loganair’s check-in desk at Edinburgh airport has also been moved to a more visible and convenient location.

Chief executive Jonathan Hinkles said: “As we head into our winter schedule, we continue to make incremental changes to improve customer experience, including bringing forward our check in times. This will allow us to ensure all customers are cleared prior to departure as we offer larger aircraft that fly more passengers.

“We’d also encourage our customers, especially those with hand-baggage only, to use our online check-in wherever possible.

“Unlike many other airlines, our online check opens four days before departure, widening opportunity for customers to be able to use the capability in advance.

“While these are small changes, they can make a big difference to satisfaction levels and experience.”

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