Jamaica tourism minister shares insights in new book

Jamaica tourism minister Edmund Bartlett is the author of a new book investigating the sector.

Under the title ‘Thought Leadership on Tourism, Resilience, and Sustainability in the 21st Century’, the book captures Bartlett’s observations and insights about the changing nature of the tourism sector and the pressing issues it must navigate.

The publication explores a range of industry subjects, from the role of the private sector in enhancing tourism resilience and the influence of international trade on tourism sustainability, to the importance of digital landscapes and the future of ocean economies.

The study is formed by a collection of Bartlett’s essays and is divided into eight distinct sections, each focused on a specific aspect of the tourism industry.

Highlights include, promoting sustainability in tourism, Covid and tourism, and advancing tourism in the digital landscape.

Bartlett said: “I’m delighted to be able to share my thoughts and findings on such a captivating and vibrant industry.”

The book “will provide industry professionals and policymakers with valuable insights into evolving trends, as well as anyone interested in understanding the strategies necessary to ensure the continued success of the travel industry in an ever-changing landscape,” he added.

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