Inteletravel fund raising supports clean water for children in Kenya

InteleTravel advisors have raised funds which have been matched by head office to enable school children in Kenya to access clean water.  

Working through the Just A Drop charity, the project has provided sustainable facilities for years to come for teachers and parents.

Just A Drop constructed a rainwater harvesting tank and handwashing stations at Kavuvwani Primary School in Kitui county, Kenya using a donation of more than £1,500, including funds raised at last year’s InteleTravel conference in Belfast, 

Some 315 children and their teachers now have access to clean drinking water, supported by water sanitation and hygiene training, with a programme of soap making to keep children healthy.

Menstrual health and hygiene are taught to both boys and girls and the children are taught how to make reusable sanitary pads. These activities have helped reduce absence from school.

Previously children had to bring water to school from a nearby river that was dirty and unsuitable for drinking, leading to children often being sick or absent from school, affecting their education. Fetching water was also unsafe as wild animals roam the nearby vicinity.

InteleTravel UK and Ireland managing director Tricia Handley-Hughes said: “In addition to providing safe drinking, the water will help other elements we tend to forget, like planting trees – all leading to an improved learning environment. 

“I’m proud that our advisors recognised the importance of supporting a such an important cause and know they are delighted to see the results of their generosity.”

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