Inspire My Holiday creates trade-only website

Inspire My Holiday has created a trade-only website after identifying a “gap in the market”.

Agents will be able to match destinations with clients’ needs and browse trade partners they can make enquiries with.

Inspire My Holiday head of partnerships Lockie Kerr said: “Regardless of experience, this trade-only website will help anyone who receives enquiries outside their comfort zone or requires destination inspiration for their customers.”

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Partnerships have been struck with brands including Gold Medal, Riviera Travel, Wendy Wu Tours, Fred Holidays, Windstar Cruises and Latin Routes, with further cruise lines and operators expected to join in the coming weeks.

Inspire My Holiday founder Olly Lomas created the consumer brand in September 2019, but he said a trade platform was always “on the roadmap”.

“With so many new recruits to the industry, it felt like the perfect time to launch,” he added.

It is free to register for Inspire My Holiday Trade Hub and those who sign up in the first month will have a chance to win from a prize pot valued at £1,000.

Lomas said: “Customers will often ask questions like, ‘I want to go somewhere hot’ alongside a host of other requirements.

“We’re here to instantly answer this type of enquiry – saving agents time and eliminating the need for researching across multiple sites.”

Kerr said: “From my discussions with our trade partners, it is clear there’s a gap in the market for a site like ours.”

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