Iberostar collaborates with Planeterra on responsible tourism initiative

Community tourism initiatives are to be promoted by Iberostar Group in destinations in collaboration with non-profit group Planeterra.

The Spanish hotel group aims to boost the social and economic development of the local communities in which it operates and protect their ecosystems. 

Iberostar and Planeterra want to provide more than 955,000 potential travellers with community tourism experiences, involve 35 communities, improve over 13,000 lives and implement 36 projects “in the coming years”.

The responsible tourism initiative has been piloted in Mexico and the Dominican Republic where Iberostar has 18 hotels and resorts. 

The company plans to extend the project to all regions where Iberostar hotels are present by 2030.

Iberostar Foundation head Alejandro Borrás said: “As part of our commitment to generate a positive impact on the lives of people and their environment through responsible tourism, it is essential to support and involve local communities, making them active participants and thus contribute to improving the living conditions of the people who are part of them. 

“In this way, the alliance with Planeterra allows us to contribute to their empowerment and integrate them into the value chain of the tourism sector.”

Planeterra president Jamie Sweeting added: “This partnership with Iberostar is a shining example that inspires the entire travel and hospitality industry”. 

“While major hotel chains have yet to embrace the integration of local communities, this project stands out for its true impact. 

“With the potential to replicate this model across 16 countries and 100 hotel properties, Iberostar has the power to transform countless communities. Just imagine the extraordinary positive impact that could be achieved if other hotel chains were to follow and adopt this transformative approach?” 

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