How Mize can help you increase profitability and enhance value for travellers

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With two new products, Mize’s fintech solutions help travel companies enhance their travellers booking experience, drive conversion rates, foster retention and increase their hotel booking profits with ease

Since its launch in 2016, Mize – formerly Hotelmize – has been transforming the ways in which travel companies that sell hotel rooms can increase their revenue while keeping operations running smoothly.

At the heart of Mize’s success is its optimisation platform that helps travel companies gain control over their booking profits. Its suite of products covers the full booking cycle and ultimately generates hundreds of millions in additional revenue for the hotel booking industry.

Now, Mize is better equipped than ever to help travel companies maximise their profits when it comes to hotel bookings, thanks to its new product offering.

Introducing cutting-edge technology

At the upcoming World Travel Market in November, Mize is set to unveil two innovative products destined to give travel companies an unparalleled competitive advantage and open new revenue streams.

The ‘Watch Price’ product enables travel companies to re-engage with travellers that left their website and bring them back to complete the booking by sending travellers real-time notifications when room rates drop. This guarantees the best deal for the consumer and additional bookings for the travel company.

Moreover, Mize’s ‘Price Drop Protection’ allows travel companies to offer travellers the ultimate price assurance over time, addressing the common concern of: “Am I getting the best price?” This feature, activated when travellers pay a premium on their booking costs, guarantees an automatic refund if the booking rate drops.

This ensures that the customers are enjoying the best booking experience – which maximises the chances of them becoming repeat customers.

Increase profitability 

These innovative products are a valuable expansion of Mize’s existing services, which include advanced price prediction, room mapping and matching, and efficiency algorithms. They provide distributors with enhanced control over the post-booking stages, paving the way for increased profits.

Mize’s technology helps travel companies find new ways to innovate, increase revenue and optimise operations. This has been particularly important in recent times, with a range of challenges facing the industry, from rising operational costs and shifting consumer behaviours to price sensitivity and sustainability concerns.

Dor Krubiner, chief executive of Mize, says: “We understand that travel companies operate in an ever-changing environment and face increasing pressure to remain competitive and profitable.”

Krubiner adds: “Our mission is to lead and shape the future of fintech-based travel products. We strive to create better products that help our customers stay ahead of the competition and maximize their profits.”

Travel companies in more than 30 countries have implemented Mize’s solutions, which has delivered an additional $207 million in profits. Mize has optimised 2.6 million bookings, with an outcome of more than $1.9 billion in bookings optimised.

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