Holidaysplease hires consultant to help agents ‘inspire’ customers

Holidaysplease has hired a consultant to help agents “inspire” customers to book holidays following the Covid pandemic.

The homeworking agency has employed Danny Sperling, who runs Minty Highway Consulting, to work with its sales and support team. A spokesperson for the agency said the partnership has already “generated a lot of excitement and enthusiasm among the team”.

Cat Reeves, brand and business growth executive, said: “Holidaysplease has always had strong customer loyalty but because of Covid we have had a large number of customers who have understandably been quite cautious about returning to travel.

“Danny will be here to help homeworkers re-engage with those customers in a way that is exciting but not overbearing.”

Director Charles Duncombe said Sperling was hired by Holidaysplease after he delivered a “well received” presentation to staff at its 2019 conference.

“We enjoyed working with Danny previously and his presentation at our conference prior to Covid was particularly well received,” he said. “We think that there is a huge potential in coaxing customers out of their Covid hibernation in the coming months and Danny’s wealth of marketing experience will be invaluable.

“There is theoretically over £150m of business up for grabs from customers who have booked with Holidaysplease before but didn’t during Covid, so Danny is going to be busy!”

Danny began working in a consultancy role on a one-to-one basis with a small number of Holidaysplease homeworkers shortly after his talk at the agency’s 2019 conference.

One was homeworker Jo Shayler- Tarrant, who said: “I needed a co-ordinated marketing plan from an industry expert with a holistic approach to raising my profile, increasing client engagement and therefore driving the right behaviours to achieve greatness.

“It worked as I managed to win not one but two industry awards in 2021, possibly in the most challenging year in travel.”

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