Hays Travel has ‘open mind’ about Miles Morgan Travel expansion

Hays Travel owner Irene Hays has revealed she has an “open mind” about further expansion of Miles Morgan Travel.

Speaking on a Travel Weekly webcast, Hays did not rule out opening new Miles Morgan Travel shops to build on the existing 19 branches if the “fit” was right.

She said: “We have an open mind really about where we grow brands, irrespective of whether that’s the Travel House brand, Miles Morgan Travel, Hays Travel, or our franchise operation, which is increasing.

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“We have an open mind about growth as we do in other aspects of the business; the Hays Travel Independence Group and the homeworking operation. If it fits with that particular brand, then there will be no problem in growing it.”

In terms of the current, day to day running of Miles Morgan Travel and its back office systems, Hays said operations would remain separate for the moment rather than being integrated with Hays Travel.

She said: “It’ll remain separate for now. Then we’ll have a look at it, which is what we usually do with acquisitions in general. But for now, it will remain the way that it is.”

On the prospect of further acquisitions by Hays Travel, she said Hays continued to be approached by businesses interested in selling and would look to carry on growing.

She said: “We buy lovely businesses where they fit our business model and can enhance our business overall. And we’ll continue to do that.”

Miles Morgan Travel founder Miles Morgan said he was confident his agency would continue to thrive under the new ownership.

He said the retailer was in a good position financially, having enjoyed record trading in 2023 and was set for a repeat performance this year.

He said: “We are on track yet again for another record year this year so we’re doing something absolutely right. And we will continue to do so.”

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