Government tipped to reject formal advice to halt airport expansion

The government is being tipped to dismiss formal advice to halt all airport expansion.

The demand for ministers to stop the growth of airports has been made by the Climate Change Committee.

But as part of a shift to approaching net zero in a “proportionate and pragmatic” way, the advice is to be rejected by Rishi Sunak, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

The prime minister is said to believe that airport expansion is key to boosting Britain’s growth, despite opposition from envionmental groups.

A Department for Transport spokesperson told the newspaper: “Airport growth, and the aviation sector as a whole, has a ket role to play in boosting our global connectivity and helping grow the economy.

“We remain supportive of airport expansion where it can be delivered in an sustainable way.”

Ministers are banking on the speedy development of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) to decarbonised the sector.

New net zero secretary Claire Coutinho is expected to issue a proposed legal duty on the government this week to draw up plans to subside SAFs.

Meanwhile, Gatwick chief executive Stewart Wingate insisted that the airport’s plan to bring its second runway into regular operation was compatible with the UK’s climate targets and would help boost the economy,

He told the Telegraph today (Monday): Our judgment is these plans are well thought through.They’re in line with government policy and the mitigation proposals that we’ve put forward are sufficiently comprehensive that is should enable the planning inspector to make a decision in favour of expansion.”

However, campaigners in surrounding counties have voiced their opposition over the extra noise and aircraft emissions that would be created.

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