Government offers £30m towards reopening of Doncaster Sheffield airport

Efforts to reopen Doncaster Sheffield airport (DSA) have been thrown a £30 million government lifeline.

Transport secretary Mark Harper disclosed the availability of a grant in a letter to South Yorkshire mayor Oliver Coppard yesterday (Thursday).

It had been reported locally in January that a request to reallocate the £30 million to reopen the airport had been rejected.

However, the potential use of local transport and devolved funding settlements to support projects related to Doncaster Sheffield airport is raised in Harper’s letter.

He said that “the government is supporting South Yorkshire through Gainshare funding, making £900 million available through £30 million funding per year over 30 years. 

“This is exactly the funding which the mayor of Teesside used to support Teesside airport and is consequently very likely to be suitable for your needs.

“I am sure we can both agree that it is excellent news that there is clear government grant available that you can choose to use to support Doncaster Sheffield airport.”

The airport shut in 2022 after owner Peel Group said it was financially unviable.

Politicians in South Yorkshire have since been lobbying for the return of commercial flights.

Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones has described the reopening of the airport as her “number one priority”.

City of Doncaster Council has been working on a plan to bring in a new airport operator in March.

Jones said in September: “We are hopeful that a lease can be secured and look forward to working with interested parties in the reopening the airport. 

“We have already initially tested the market for those industry experts who can partner with us to get the airport reopened as soon as we can.

“If we get the lease agreed then reopening the airport will not happen overnight, of course, but it would be a huge step forward.”

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