Globus to ‘refresh and enhance’ trade sales and training portals

Globus is introducing a new trade sales platform across its family of brands, which include Cosmos Tours and Avalon Waterways.

The new system will replace the current platform, called Travel Agent Portal (TAP), when it is introduced later in the year, sales director Phil Shipman told Travel Weekly.

The bookable platform will be a “refreshed and upgraded” version of TAP, Shipman said, and will be launched in North America before it is established in the UK.

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“We are looking forward to the launch of the system later in the year,” said Shipman.

“Although it is launching in the US first, we will make sure it is embedded into the culture of the agencies we have here in the UK.”

Additionally, the company is “enhancing” its current training platform, Globus Family of Brands University (GFOBU).

The platform will contain additional training modules and will be connected to the company’s rewards programme, giving agents the opportunity to earn discounted rates in return for completing courses.

“GFOBU is being enhanced and refreshed to fit with the globalisation of our product,” he said.

“Over the last five years or so we’ve been going through a process of globalising the business and bringing all of the different countries we work in into one centralised market, meaning we all have the same systems and processes. This enhancement will support that.”

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