G Adventures to host 13 UK agents and partners at first GX event

G Adventures and Planeterra will host 13 UK agents and partners at the inaugural GX event in Peru, which will feature the first World Community Tourism Summit.

During GX, which will run from Friday, September 22 until Wednesday, September 27, a total of 300 guests from around the globe will witness the positive impact that community tourism can have on a destination, according to organisers.

G Adventures and Planeterra founder Bruce Poon Tip will be among the speakers at the summit on September 27, which is World Tourism Day.

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Poon Tip said GX would be a “celebration like no other”, adding: “We’ve been showcasing the beautiful concept of community tourism to our travellers for years, and I can’t wait to welcome our guests to Peru to also show them what it’s all about, and to have a lot of fun at the same time.”

After the speeches and discussions on World Tourism Day, a dinner will be held and a gold-themed party hosted at ancient Cusco temple Qorikancha, with a performance by disco group Village People closing the night.

Travel personalities Jessica Nabongo, Tyson Mayr and Mario Rigby will deliver keynote speeches highlighting how community tourism has impacted them, while other discussions will focus on topics including the positive impact on women and community tourism’s role in the climate crisis. Overtourism will also be covered.

Poon Tip said: “I can’t wait to show our community of communities just how transformative travel can be when it’s done right – not just for local people, but also for our guests as they see what a pivotal role they play in empowering people working in the tourism sector.

“GX is an evolution of all the events we have hosted over the years – it’s bigger and better than any that have come before it.

“We have an incredible line-up of inspiring and influential speakers who are all committed to making the world a better place through travel.

“I am grateful and humbled they are joining us and are enthusiastic to share their personal journeys and knowledge.”

He added: “What better way to wrap up the first World Community Tourism Summit than with an act that stands for diversity and inclusion and bringing different communities together, the iconic Village People.”

Agents and partners from across the industry will join G Adventures suppliers, team members, travellers and members of the media.

Speakers at the World Community Tourism Summit include: Alfredo Ferreryos (Explorandes), Brendan Roberts (TourRadar), Bruce Poon Tip (G Adventures), Daniel Walsh (Reforest), Dayvee Sutton (reporter and travel expert), Halga Benito (Parwa Community Restaurant), Jamie Sweeting (Planeterra), Jessica Nabongo (travel expert and author), Joanna Hagen (sustainability expert and writer), José Koechlin (Inkaterra), Juan Sebastian Sanchez Chica (ProColombia), Judy Kepher-Gona (Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda), Kevin Rushby (The Guardian), Meenu Vadera (Azad Foundation), Mario Rigby (eco-explorer), Thomas Armitt (Planeterra) and Tyson Mayr (adventurer and presenter).

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