Flying high: elevating the VIP passenger experience at Ezeiza International Airport

Writing exclusively for International Airport Review, Ezeiza International Airport General Manager, Sebastian Villar Guarino, writes about how the airport is delivering enhanced and VIP passenger experiences to guests.

At Ezeiza International Airport, our top priority is to exceed passenger expectations. We continually strive to provide services, amenities and commercial offerings that not only ease the journey, but also create memorable moments. Aeropuertos VIP Club has launched a new strategy to continue growing after a 2023 full of achievements.

Ezeiza International Airport offers a wide range of VIP lounges throughout the airport. We currently have nine VIP Lounges (eight in departures and one in arrivals) developed in association with various airport partners, including airlines, banks and credit card companies to reach each passenger´s needs.

Aeropuertos VIP Club manages one VIP Lounge in the departures area and another one in the arrivals area, along with overseeing VIP services across all Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 airports. Our goal is to tailor the experience for each member, aiming not only to satisfy, but also to anticipate their individual needs. The primary mission is to enable them to save time in every airport process, focusing on efficiency and agility to optimise their travel experience. Comfort remains a cornerstone of our service, ensuring that every moment at the airport is both pleasant and convenient. To achieve this, we have initiated a rebranding process to underscore our commitment to customisation, efficiency, and service excellence, enhancing both our brand image and the quality of our offerings.

Aeropuertos VIP Club

Understanding the unique profiles of VIP passengers is fundamental to providing a personalised experience. Recognising that these travellers have different needs than other passengers, Aeropuertos VIP Club has devised personalised solutions.

A thorough understanding of the expectations and preferences of this select group has been achieved through comprehensive surveys, allowing a significant improvement on the existing foundation. The initiative has centred on enhancing not only the infrastructure but also the level of service, gastronomy and time efficiency. This strategy has led to a unique and exceptional experience for VIP passengers, setting a milestone in differentiation and satisfaction of their specific needs.

Aeropuertos VIP Club centres its attention in meeting the individual needs of VIP passengers, with a personal touch that transcends the ordinary. Beyond luxury, our exclusive services are designed to streamline the travel process. The main services that we offer are:

  • Exclusive concierge: a 24/7 telephone line that supports passengers with reservations, bookings, shopping, web check-ins and so on
  • VIP valet parking: from the moment you arrive at the airport, VIP services offer passengers exclusive parking spaces in the new multi-level and intelligent parking building that connects internally with the departures terminal. Valet parking is available 24/7 to assist passengers
  • Meet & assist: a service that supports passengers in their entire journey through the airport
  • Private security & immigration control: exclusive controls within the lounges to ensure passport control, immigration and security checkpoints in a very fast and exclusive way
  • Fast pass: exclusive lines and amenities to streamline all the passport control and security checkpoints in a very fast and exclusive way
  • A la carte menu: signature catering with a wide variety of food and beverage offerings
  • Shopping exclusively: VIP Club members have access to exclusive discounts, complemented by the added luxury of a personal shopper available – when requested – within the lounge
  • Arrival lounge: the unique arrival lounge in Argentina is much appreciated. It allows you to save time and enjoy services like catering, showers and luggage assistance.

Creating an identity-focused passenger experience

All these services create a framework of identity and exclusivity tailored for the esteemed members of Aeropuertos VIP Club. Besides, our team is working strongly to develop some important initiatives as a new VIP Departure Lounge located in the new terminal, with direct boarding from the lounge to the plane in exclusive cars (service already available in Aeroparque). In addition, other services such as exclusive transport from/to destination in premium cars that will be included in our membership programmes and access to fixed-based operator (FBO) terminal for passengers that combine commercial and private aviation.

The key to providing a high-quality service lies in understanding the passengers’ needs. Recognising the diverse purposes behind each journey is very important in their experience, as their actions and preferences may vary depending on the nature of their travel companions. Whether accompanied by friends, embarking on a solo adventure, travelling with work colleagues, or enjoying a family trip, the same person can exhibit different behaviours and expectations. Embracing this personalised approach facilitates a deeper understanding of individual circumstances, paving the way for initiatives that adapt more effectively and ensure a gratifying, personalised travel experience.

Our mission is to turn each visit into a unique and pleasurable experience, thus establishing an exceptional standard in customer satisfaction. As airports continue to redefine the passenger experience, the importance of VIP services cannot be overstated. Aeropuertos VIP Club stands at the forefront, not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of VIP passengers, setting a benchmark for excellence and enhancing the passenger experience, from the moment they step foot in our airport.

Sebastian Villar Guarino is the Ezeiza International Airport General Manager.

He holds a degree in Administration from Buenos Aires University, an MBA from CEMA University and postgraduate studies in Duke University and ESMT Berlin.

He joined Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 in 2021 after 20 years of professional experience leading teams in different industries such as massive consumption and steel industry.

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