Explore Worldwide has ‘awful lot more to do’ despite achieving B Corp status

Explore Worldwide has achieved B Corp certification for meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

The adventure operator hit its target of a 7% reduction in intensity carbon footprint (per passenger night) in 2022-23.

But its absolute carbon footprint increased due to a higher number of passengers carried.

Policies such as a new low carbon travel incentive for staff hope to help, along with other initiatives to do business travel smarter, and utilise more rail for staff travel.

Explore has set a target of 4.5% carbon reduction for 2023-24. 

“While acknowledging another tough target to hit, Explore recognises the strengths of its committed team and excellent partners,” a statement said.

The B Corp announcement came as the operator published its first annual ‘Purpose Paper’, tracking its progress against sustainability goals.

Managing director Michael Edwards said: “We are completely delighted to have achieved B Corp status today, earlier than we expected, after a long process. 

“It’s important to look back and see how far we’ve come but it’s even more important – crucial – to keep setting ourselves fresh targets, and acknowledging we have an awful lot more to do in achieving our targets for 2030 and beyond. 

“It’s on the industry to protect the future of our planet so that generations to come can benefit from the same adventures that we’ve had.”

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