Expanded Tui Collection of holiday experiences relaunched

The Tui Collection of branded experiences has been revamped, expanded and relaunched.

The move continues Tui Group’s strategic focus on tours and activities as a key growth area and supports the ongoing expansion of its digital platform for experiences.

More than five million Tui Collection experiences have been delivered since the concept was created in 2015. 

The relaunch sees the portfolio grow from 385 to more than 650 tours and activities, available in more than 100 sun, beach and city destinations. 

The relaunch comes as new research commissioned by the company shows that most holidaymakers will enjoy two experiences per holiday, with nearly 70% of on a sun and beach holiday and three quarters on a city break likely to book more than one experience during their time away. 

Additionally, tours and activities was revealed to represent the highest share of in-destination spend at 40%.

Peter Ulwahn, chief executive of tours and activities division Tui Musement, said: “Our original, Tui branded experiences are a strategic focus to drive further growth and are already the most popular tours and activities in our destinations. 

“We are building on this success by relaunching a significantly strengthened Tui Collection portfolio with a sharpened value proposition and additional experiences that will see more and more customers enjoying tours and activities from Tui.”

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