Elaine Ross departs Cruise.co.uk after internal shake-up

An internal restructure at Cruise.co.uk has resulted in the departure of the head of its luxury division.

Elaine Ross left the company last week after her role as head of luxury and expedition for the agency’s Above and Beyond Luxury Cruises brand was made redundant.

Dylan David, who was promoted from head of trading to trading director in December last year, will now include trading for both the Cruise.co.uk and Above & Beyond brands as part of his remit.

The cruise specialist launched the new brand in February last year to fill a gap in the market for an ultra-luxury travel agency.

In a statement, the company said: “Following a recent internal restructure, Dylan David was promoted to trading director, his remit now includes trading on both the cruise.co.uk and Above & Beyond brands.

“The Above & Beyond luxury brand continues to operate with a dedicated product team, reporting directly into Dylan. Our focus on the luxury sector remains as strong as ever.”

Ross posted on her LinkedIn account she was now looking for another job.

In the post, she said: “Sadly my role at cruise was made redundant last week so I find myself on the lookout for a new opportunity. If anyone in my network knows of any potential roles I could be suited to, please do give me a shout!”

Ross, formerly of Iglu.com, Gill’s Cruise Centre and Royal Caribbean International, started with the company, initially in a consultancy role, in September 2022. Immediately prior  to that she worked for P&P Associates.

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