Cruise sector ‘key contributor’ to UK economy, says minister

Maritime minister Robert Courts says the cruise industry has a “vital part” to play as the government tries to level up coastal communities around the UK.

He outlined how the cruise sector continues to be “a key contributor” to the UK economy, thanks to its “tireless efforts”.

Speaking during a pre-recorded video message played at the Clia Conference on Saturday (May 21), Courts said: “Cruise is a vital as well as a historic part of levelling up the coastal communities.

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“The industry not only creates wonderful memories for your guests or thousands of jobs on board or in port but also the economic support that ripples out into the hospitality sector and the wider travel industry and uncountable businesses of every size and Britain’s coastal communities.

“We’re wholly committed to making the UK the best place for the cruise industry to continue to invest.”

He added that “one of the silver linings” of the pandemic has been the government’s relationship with the cruise sector.

“I am always interested to hear how my officials and I can support you as we build back better and show the world how fantastic our cruise sector is,” he said.

Courts also praised cruise lines’ development of lubrication systems to reduce drag in the water; more energy efficient engines; and initiatives to reduce single-use plastics.

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