Clia says 69% of non-cruisers open to sailing

Interest in cruising among those who have never taken a holiday at sea is on the rise, according to Clia.

Almost 70% of survey respondents who have never cruised before said there were open to cruise ship travel, exceeding pre-pandemic levels, according to the association.

Around 63% of cruisers or potential cruisers  indicated they are likely to sail on a cruise vessel within the next two years, with 87% of Millennial respondents saying they will sail in “the next few years” .

The cruise trade association shared the new figures to demonstrate the sector’s “resilience” at Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami, Florida. Around 4,000 people from across eight markets, including the UK, were polled by Clia as part of the research.

The association previously announced that passenger volume is expected to recover and surpass 2019 levels by the end of 2023.

Kelly Craighead, Clia president and chief executive, said: “Cruising is accessible, responsible and experiential, making it the best way to see the world for people of all ages and interests.

“With the support of an incredibly resilient community, the future of the cruise industry is bright.”

Clia has joined the Global Maritime Forum Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonisation to make zero emission vessels and fuels the default choice by 2030.

Clia chairman Piefrancesco Vago said: “The cruise industry has an extraordinary ability to innovate.

“We want to channel our collective expertise and commitment to help find solutions as an active partner in the effort to decarbonise shipping.

“We continue to set ambitious carbon reduction goals as an industry, and cruise lines are showing the way by partnering with fuel suppliers, shipyards, technology manufacturers and academic institutions to develop new lower carbon fuel sources. We are investing in our future.”

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