Clia chair urges river cruise operators to broaden ‘narrow’ websites

Clia UK & Ireland chair Ben Bouldin has urged river cruise operators to review their “narrow” websites, saying they must broaden their appeal to young people and other market segments.

Talking to 400 delegates at Clia’s RiverView Conference in Vienna, Bouldin urged the whole industry to “be better” when it comes to marketing as the sector is missing out on potential customers.

“The average age of river cruisers is around 60 but this is a great vacation opportunity for everyone,” he said.

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“There is so much more opportunity than this segment has so far targeted.

“As agents, don’t be fooled by that; there is a river cruise for everybody and your job is to make your niche and help carve out what that opportunity is.

“The industry as a whole can be better at marketing itself more broadly.”

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