ChatGPT will create jobs and not replace them, hears Advantage conference

Agents at the Advantage Travel Partnership’s annual conference were reassured that the evolution of ChatGPT would not pose a threat to their jobs.

Simon Ferguson, senior vice-president at Modaxo, told delegates at the event in Cancun, Mexico he instead expects the rise of the technology to lead to further employment in the sector.

“History has shown that technology creates more jobs than it destroys,” he said. “If the top-line growth in a sector outpaces the bottom-line efficiency for automation, you need more people.

“Whether it was the splitting the atom or the growth of the internet, of course there were bumpy periods in terms of employment, but human workforces have always ended up net positive.”

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Ferguson pointed to the fact it was widely believed independent bookshops would be “decimated” when Amazon launched in 1995, but that numbers of such retailers are currently at a 10-year high in the US and UK, and to the resurgence of vinyl sales across the globe.

“The digital world drives traditional retail – 67% of ecommerce brands have opened physical stores because they know customers want the personal touch as well,” he said, adding: “Online drives offline.”

He encouraged agents to “trust your instincts” when deciding whether to incorporate ChatGPT into their businesses, and to do so only if they felt it would enhance their performance.

“Many of you got into this business because you wanted to organise and manage people’s travel, not because you’re particularly interested in tech,” he said. “If the technology helps you, great, if it doesn’t, don’t worry.

“You need to first think about whether it improves your business performance and your client’s experience.”

Ferguson finished his talk by telling agents their resilient nature would ensure they “get through” a period that will see rapidly evolving technological advances.

“The independent travel sector has proven its resilience on numerous occasions over the years and you will get through this next stage of technology evolution by celebrating your independence,” he said.

An interactive poll of conference delegates revealed more than 70% of people in the room were excited about ChatGPT and the potential benefits it will bring to their businesses, rather than being fearful of it.

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