Carrier publications support agents during peaks

Luxury tailor-made operator, Carrier, has unveiled two publications to support agents during the peaks booking season.

The latest issue of Carrier, The Paper features gastronomic tours and a series of “foodventures” in Asia and South Africa – and is co-branded with Ikos Resorts.

The second publication is called Savour, and includes 50 trips, split into five chapters.

Themes include ‘Secret Ingredients’, such as nature walks through the rainforest at The Datai Langkawi in Malaysia; ‘Sweet Sanctuary’, with healthy lifestyle ideas, such as new wellbeing hub at Daios Cove in Crete; and ‘Soul Food’ which presents opportunities to contribute to conservation or learn how to travel sustainably.

The Savour campaign has been over-branded for more than 20 of Carrier’s preferred partners, allowing them to market directly to their own client database.

A campaign marketing tool kit includes window displays, videos, a digital mini-brochure and various imagery.

Raj Mistry, Carrier’s national partnerships manager, said the Savour campaign has already prompted “fabulous” feedback from its preferred partners.

“Agents we work with really value our support with marketing and help to understand how they can make themselves stand out in the marketplace, especially during key booking periods such as peaks,” he said.

“As well as providing them with a beautiful printed piece to inspire their clients, we supply an array of assets and work with our partners to provide tips on how to best utilise digital channels such as social media.”

Preferred agent partners also have the opportunity to win dinner for two at a Michelin-starred restaurant, to recognise their efforts to promote the campaign.

Nicole Williams, marketing manager, added: “The assets can be used in any way, be it a series of social media posts, email communications, window displays, or inspirational blog posts, but the more creative and engaging, the better the chances of winning.”

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