Boat rental firm Getmyboat launches affiliate programme

Boat rental specialist Getmyboat has launched an affiliate program for travel agents, enabling them to earn commission from sales.

The offer is also available to content creators, bloggers and travel booking companies.

The California-headquartered firm was founded in San Francisco in 2013 and claims to be the world’s largest boat rental and yacht charter marketplace.

Through a partnership with affiliate services specialist Rakuten, the programme enables members to earn commission from boat bookings secured through their own personal link on their travel planning websites.

Customers can choose from more than 170,000 options in 184 countries.

Val Streif, marketing manager for Getmyboat, said: “This programme will foster connections between Getmyboat and top travel professionals, providing mutual benefits and promoting growth across the board.

“It will help more customers become aware of the amazing boating experiences they can add to their travel itineraries, while also supporting tourism industry leaders with a source of income.”

As well as boat experiences in the US, the site features options in the UK, Europe and other destinations.

Streif said: “UK agents are welcome to join the affiliate programme and it’s free to get started with a Rakuten account, and then the commission is $50/booking, but this is negotiable for agents who can bring in a large volume of clients.

“We can also provide images for key destinations for UK agents if they need photos of boating experiences or other content for their social media/websites for offering boat trips to their clients through Getmyboat.”


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