Best start ever to a new year for Miami International Airport

Passenger growth at Miami International Airport (MIA) is off to its fastest start ever this year and is expected to continue to the end of the month.

Up until March 16 this year, MIA had served 12.3 million passengers, which is one million travellers  or 9.6% more than at the same time last year.

Since spring breaks began at colleges across Florida and the East Coast on March 1, travel at MIA has also been up 9% year over year.

According to the airport, the strong upward trend is expected to remain during the rest of March when Miami-Dade County grade schools start spring break on March 22 and travellers take flight for the Easter weekend at the end of the month.

With MIA projected to average more than 170,000 passengers per day during the rest of March, the airport is urging outbound passengers to arrive around three hours before their flights to give themselves enough time find a parking space, check-in, and complete the security screening process.

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