Barrhead Travel creates menopause support group

Barrhead Travel has created a menopause support network for its employees.

The creation of the group follows the agency’s commitment earlier this year to the Menopause Workplace Pledge, launched by Wellbeing of Women, which recognises dedicated workplace support for those going through the menopause.

The five-strong team, made up of employee volunteers, represents departments across the business and includes people who have experienced menopause or are currently going through it.

The team’s priorities will focus on educating colleagues and offering advice, not only to those going through the menopause but to those looking to support others.

Monthly newsletters and online “menopause chat cafes” will form the basis of the menopause strategy over the coming year.

Wilma Taylor, HR director at Barrhead Travel, said: “Around 70% of our workforce are likely to personally experience menopause at some point in their lives and virtually everyone will have friends or family who will embark on a menopause journey.

“Gone are the days where health topics – particularly women’s health – are taboo in the workplace. Our employee wellbeing is the foundation of good business, and that means fostering an open and respectful culture that both educates and supports colleagues.

“Our wellness strategy is predominantly colleague-driven and this is a great example of an initiative that has been steered by our people. We’re listening to what our people are asking for and making positive change that promotes collaboration.”

Barrhead Travel’s wider wellness support also includes a team of mental health first aiders, which doubled in size this year.

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