Bali to impose tourist tax from February 14

A tourist tax of £8 is being introduced for foreign travellers to Bali from tomorrow (Wednesday).

The levy aims to raise funds to protect the culture and natural environment of the Indonesian island.

A ‘Love Bali’ initiative by the island’s provincial government has created a development plan to be funded by the tax.

“The goal is to preserve the integrity and balance of Bali’s nature, its people, and their culture,” a statement said.

“As a form of support that aims to protect the customs, traditions, arts and culture, and local wisdom of the Balinese people, Bali will impose [a] levy for the international tourist.

“Efforts and innovations will continue to be made for maintenance the culture and the natural environment in Bali. There will also continue to be an improvement in the quality of services.”

The levy is described “as a form of support, towards the efforts to preserve the nature and culture of Bali”.

It comes as the regional authority continues to make “various progressive efforts and innovations related to improving Bali’s quality of the nature and culture through preservation, conservation and revitalisation.”

The proceeds will also go towards improving “the quality of services, safety, and comfort of tourists, by developing land, sea and air infrastructure in an integrated and connected manner”.

The Foreign Office updated its travel advice to Indonesia to reflect the tourist levy, positioning out that a payment of 150,000 Indonesian rupiah per person – approximately £8 – by all international tourists arriving in Bali will be required from February 14. 

Payment can be made online or on arrival at designated payment counters at Bali’s airport and seaport.

More than six million overseas tourists visited the island in pre-pandemic 2019.

The Foreign Office also urged British travellers to Indonesia to be “more vigilant” due to national elections being held on February 14.

“Demonstrations following the previous election in 2019 resulted in rioting and loss of life,” the revised travel advice said.

“Avoid all protests, demonstrations and student and political rallies as they could become violent without notice.” 

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