Avinor Group renews F&B concepts at Oslo Airport, Norway

The airport operator Avinor have renewed and expanded their food and beverage offerings at Oslo Airport, including some Norwegian favourites.

Airport operator Avinor announced and finalised contracts with dining establishments at Oslo Airport earlier this year. Approximately valued at 6.5 billion Norwegian kroner, the sub-contracts will span five to seven years and have been awarded to six different companies: SSP Norway, HMSHost, Bit Union, Reitan Convenience, LETT and Joe & the Juice.

Even though some established favourites will remain in the airport, or expand, a significant number of the existing offerings will be replaced by newer, fitting concepts. Passengers will be able to enjoy an even greater selection of Norwegian favourites at the main airport.

Joachim Lupnaav Johnsen, the Commercial Director at Avinor, emphasised the commercial impact of these changes: “We believe that the modifications to our food and beverage offerings will be exciting and positive for travellers. Avinor’s strategy involves expanding the most popular concepts throughout the airport, catering to the preferences of both Norwegian travelers and tourists visiting Norway. We’ve closely observed which restaurants our visitors prefer, Johnsen adds. This focus allows us to enhance the dining experience for everyone.”

Norwegian favorites 
O’Learys Sports and Gastrobar, previously exclusive to the international terminal, is now expanding to the domestic side. Situated on the second floor, this venue offers a view of the spacious, but busy terminal near the large departure board, occupying the same space that T.G.I Fridays has held for the past few years. At O’Learys, sports broadcasts will entertain travellers throughout the opening hours, complemented by a diverse menu tailored to Norwegian food preferences during their journeys. 

The demand for healthy and affordable food extends to many airport visitors, prompting favourites like Bit Union and LETT to expand and establish additional locations on the domestic side. 

“There is a high demand for nutritious and reasonably priced meals. We are pleased to announce that both Bit Union and LETT, originating from Oslo, will soon be available in the domestic area, alongside their continued service to passengers traveling abroad,” Lupnaav Johnsen continued. 

In addition, a spacious wine bar named “Tigerstaden” will open on the new square in the international area. This eagerly anticipated eatery, with subtle nods to the capital city, provides an excellent option for vacationing passengers seeking relaxation and enjoyment. Italian cuisine will take centre stage, as two new Italian restaurants – one in the domestic area and another in the international area- open their doors. 

“We have chosen to focus on restaurants with broad appeal. Our goal was to create a place where families and friends can find something they love on the menu, which is why we chose Italian cuisine,” said Lupnaav Johnsen. 

Food on the go 
The options for travellers will also be strengthened in areas of the terminal where commercial options have been somewhat limited. Several dining establishments will have convenient “Grab & Go” solutions, which is an established and popular way for passengers to grab a quick meal before their flights. 

“Overall, we’re confident that these changes will elevate the food experience for travellers. We’re introducing new and exciting options while also maintaining and expanding the concepts that have already won favour with many,” concluded Lupnaav Johnsen. 

These food and beverage concepts will be established on the domestic side of the terminal:

  • O’Learys sports bar
  • Trattiora Tavolare Dom.
  • Kaffetår
  • Journey – Kitchen & Bar
  • Bit Union
  • LETT
  • Crafts – Oslo’s Gastropub 

These food and beverage concepts will be established on the international side of the terminal:

  • Trattiora Tavolare Int.
  • Bjørns Backyard
  • Asia Street Cooking Ltd.
  • Barino
  • Mel Norwegian Bakery (square in the international area)
  • Tigerstaden wine bar (square in the international area) 

These food and beverage concepts will be established on the international side of the terminal (non-Schengen):

These food and beverage concepts will be established in the departure hall:

These food and beverage concepts will be established in the arrival hall:

  • Asia Street Cooking Ltd.
  • Oslo Food Hub 

Burger King, Peppes Pizza, Joe and The Juice, Northland, Ritazza, Two Tigers and Starbucks are well-known concepts that will remain at the airport.

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