Austria removes all Covid entry rules

Austria has removed all its Covid entry restrictions, meaning international visitors can enter without needing to show proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test.

Previously, vaccinated travellers had to show evidence of vaccination to enter, while unvaccinated arrivals needed to prove they had recovered from Covid within the last six months or had a negative Covid test.

From Monday, all passengers arriving in Austria do not need to show any Covid-related documents or complete any forms.

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The rule change was announced on the country’s official travel portal, which read: “Travel to Austria is possible for touristic purposes. From May 16, proof of vaccination/recovery or a test are no longer needed.”

Austria has also dropped the requirement for people to wear face masks in some enclosed public spaces, such as restaurants, bars and gyms.

Approved masks are still required in hospitals, nursing homes, on public transport and in supermarkets.

Photo: Marc Berenguer/Inghams

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