Anzcro launches largest Australia programme to date

Anzcro has brought out its largest Australia programme to date to mark 30 years in business as it reports increased demand for the destination.

The Australia and New Zealand specialist has added 12 pages, including new and expanded content, to its 30th year edition of the 2024-2025 Anzcro Austalia book.

General manager Andrew Guthrey said the move followed record sales.

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“Over the past year, we have seen significant growth in our Australian sales, and have far surpassed previous sales records,” he said.

“To satisfy this demand, we have added more pages to the Australia Book and included more product content, particularly in Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the South Pacific regions.”  

Motorhome itineraries have been added to the operator’s programme for the first time.

These include driving guides to help clients with travel times and showcase the size of the destination.

Guthrey said:  “Guests have been hungry for Motorhome holidays in Australia, and these itineraries help shape their journey.”

The company said the expanded brochure also followed trade support.

Sales director Shubhra Halliday said: “We’ve truly been blown away by the support from Agents for our Australian offering over the past year, and we wanted to reward that by putting more Aussie products at their fingertips.”

The brochure includes more accommodation and sightseeing suggestions to accommodate demand.

“We’re noticing that travellers are exploring more diverse regions across Australia. Increasingly, guests are including a trip down to Tasmania and exploring the rich wilderness and history on the island. Equally, they spend time in South Australia, travelling to Kangaroo Island and the Barossa Valley,” she said.

To mark the 30th anniversary launch, agents can go into a draw to win a case of Australian wine by reading the brochure and answering four easy questions.

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