Andalusia expects to hit new record for visitor numbers

Andalusia has reported that British travel agents look set to help the region achieve its record year for total visitors.

By the end of 2023, it is anticipated that 33 million tourists will have visited Andalusia in the course of the year following the destination’s most successful summer to date.

The UK market accounts for 24% of the region’s international visitors, with Andalusia’s minister for tourism, Arturo Bernal (pictured), hailing the “important role” played by British travel agents.

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He added: “We are currently developing next year’s trade engagement programme, which will include fam trips, training sessions and agent workshops.”

Andalusia welcomed 2.94m UK visitors in 2019 – when the total tourist tally was a record 32.7m – and a figure of 2.4m was achieved last year. The projected UK figure for 2023 is not yet available.

Statistics suggest that visitors to Andalusia are spending more than ever – UK travellers’ average daily spend is €134, while the average across all visitors is €78.70.

The outlook for next year is “promising”, according to Bernal, but there might be some challenges.

“Factors such as rising interest rates, which will reduce disposable income, and, notably, the fluctuation of the pound’s exchange rate relative to the euro and the dollar, may potentially disrupt the observed positive trend,” Bernal said.

Andalusia’s ministry of tourism hosted a dinner and performances for tour operators, travel agents and travel writers in London on November 7 during World Travel Market.

Bernal presented Andalusia’s new tourism video, which focuses on the region’s culture and heritage.

The promotional video, featuring Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, is called Andalusian Crush.

Bernal said: “Andalusia is a captivating destination with a rich historical heritage, stunning landscapes and a vibrant cultural scene.”

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