AI ‘will not replace jobs’ at Tui, chief people officer insists

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) technology will not replace jobs, a Tui Group chief has pledged.

The executive board of Europe’s largest travel group has adopted a joint policy paper on the use of AI with its workers’ council.

This follows almost 7,000 employees accessing two initial e-learning courses on the topic of generative AI within three weeks.

The policy paper formulates “guard rails” for the introduction and use of AI at Tui with a focus on its potential and the impact on staff.

This includes training to make staff fit for a working world driven by AI. 

“In particular, applications based on generative AI will lead to increases in productivity and efficiency,” Tui said. 

The company added that it will offer training programmes to enable employees to get to grips with the potential of generative AI at an early stage and to test and introduce these technologies in their own area of work. 

Group chief people officer Sybille Reiss said: “Tui will make extensive use of artificial intelligence in its own systems and in daily work processes. 

“It is important to us that employees can keep pace with those technological innovations. 

“At Tui, we are convinced that AI does not replace jobs, but rather certain tasks. That is why we are focusing on training our employees for higher value tasks. 

“We are embracing an important topic for the future and shaping it – openly and without fear.” 

An AI advisory team with equal representation from the company and employees will monitor technical progress as well as “associated ethical issues”. 

The committee is also tasked with ensuring health protection, particularly regarding potential psychological stress, according to Tui.

Group works council chair Frank Jakobi said: “We are utilising the potential of artificial intelligence for Tui – responsibly and with a focus on opportunities. 

“That is why employees are at the centre of the policy paper – employment and working conditions at Tui will not deteriorate as a result of the introduction and use of AI. 

“AI should contribute to a diverse, fair and non-discriminatory working environment. With regard to applicants and employees, the following applies at Tui – the final decision is made by a human being.”

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