Advantage Travel Partnership unveils three new tech partnerships

The Advantage Travel Partnership has struck deals with TripStax, HQ and Agency Technology as it continues its “technology journey” and aims to enhance members’ operations and services.

TripStax is intended to simplify technology arrangements and reduce the need for multiple suppliers, allowing companies to start using a “centralised data warehouse”.

HQ provides a comprehensive ground transportation platform called HQ SummitGround, while Agency Technology supplies mid-office technology products.

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Stephen Baxendale (pictured), technology partnerships manager at Advantage, said: “These partnerships demonstrate how we continue to provide members with a fully rounded proposition to enhance their operational processes and the services they provide to their clients – whether it’s providing data, helping agents with automation or front-end processes.”

The agreements were announced on Thursday at the 2024 Advantage conference in Costa Mujeres, Mexico.

Through the TripStax partnership, Advantage members will be able to access The TripStax Core. This is described as “a profound central data processing architecture which consumes, normalises and enriches booking, profile and finance data across the entire ecosystem, no matter the source or format”.

Eoin Landers, head of global sales at TripStax, said: “The TripStax offering is highly flexible and scalable and our aim is to be the enabler for travel management companies (TMCs) to migrate towards using a centralised data warehouse as a single point of truth for managing and enriching their customers’ travel data.

“We eagerly anticipate collaborating with TMCs seeking to transition from legacy technologies to the cutting-edge travel-as-a-service business model.

“Our approach ensures a smooth and seamless journey, tailored to the specific needs of the TMC without disrupting existing mission-critical workflows.”

HQ, which has more than 25 years of experience in the corporate mobility sector, offers omnichannel booking, billing, invoice reconciliation and access to vetted suppliers across five continents, 50 countries, and over 1,000 cities.

HQ chief revenue officer Charity Rumery said the company would be working to “enhance the ground transportation offerings available to Advantage members, ensuring seamless journeys for their clients”.

Agency Technology offers solutions spanning areas including quality control, PNR finishing, automated ticketing and itinerary management.

Company president Lee Brubaker said: “We are excited to partner with The Advantage Travel Partnership. Both our organisations are committed to providing TMCs with technology
solutions which enable them to scale and streamline their operations, without compromising on the services they provide their clients.”

Baxendale, of Advantage, added: “We’re continuing to build on our technology journey – to help members to service every element of their operations. Front-end and back-end – we are committed to supplying ancillary services as members seek to find new ways of enhancing the corporate services they offer.”

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